Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Turkey Day Without Family

Sherry talking turkey at Nanny Cay!
Holidays are family time. Except when you are sailing and your family is miles away! Of course, with our five children and their families scattered from California and Oregon to Michigan and Pennsylvania and all the way across the pond in London,UK, we rarely have a big family holiday anymore. The kids also have the "other side" with whom to spend holiday time, as well. Therefore, we figured it would not be so bad not to be home from Thanksgiving. (Last year we were stuck in Miami when our flight was delayed and we missed the connection so turkey dinner was at a Marriott!)

Up close and personal with the turkey!
This year we felt the lack of family and the turkey dinner. We were anchored off Norman Island and had our normal boat fare for the day. I must admit was savoring the taste of stuffing and pumpkin pie. We did dinghy over to S/V Lady for cocktails later in the day. At least, S/V Lady thought ahead and brought along their turkey -the inflatable one! That was the closest we got to a real turkey.

Even though we will be home for Christmas, we will only have one child and one grandchild with us. The rest are with the "other sides." Hopefully next year we will have a gathering of the clan.
S/V Lady at anchor on Thanksgiving Day
We wish you a belated Happy Thanksgiving and an early Merry Christmas. Time to raise the anchor and find another quiet cove.

In a few days, we will head north to cold country and get ready for the holidays. I am sure we will be anxiously awaiting our return to the islands in January. So we will be dreaming of a white Christmas and the island sun.

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