Friday, November 4, 2011

Catching Up with the Rally

Love a great sunrise!
After the ice delay in Tracy's Landing, MD, we had a lovely sail on Monday. The wind was perfect for sailing south to the Solomon's Island area where we docked for the night. As we went ashore and walked into town for dinner, we joined the neighborhood kids doing their Trick or Treating. Since we didn't really go to the door anywhere, we tried to convince the kids that we were dressed up as sailors and that maybe they could share their candy. No luck! Smart kids!

Our second day of sailing took us down the west side of the Chesapeake Bay where we anchored in Fishing Bay near Deltaville. It was a wonderful anchorage with many other south-bound sailboats joining us. Apparently it is a favorite spot during warm weather and is often very crowded. Since there was not a great deal of wind on Tuesday, we did some motor sailing to get into the anchorage before sunset as it is a very tricky channel in and out. The Bay was full of sailboats heading to warmer climates. You see, for most of us, the insurance policy states that you can't go too far south before November 1. You could tell it was, indeed, November 1 on the Chesapeake Bay!
We look small next to the
huge super yachts! 

Wednesday was a short day of sailing so we allowed ourselves to sleep in. Usually we are up before sunrise and ready to raise the anchor as soon as possible. It is amazing how quickly our body clocks adjust to "up with sun, down with the sun." After a day of doing very little compared to our schedules on land, we are wiped out. I guess it is the sun and wind and the constant motion, trying to keep your body in balance.

Again it was a day of motor sailing with light winds. We probably should have put up the gennaker, but it is neatly stowed and ready for the crossing. We pulled into Bluewater Yachting Center and was Med-moored (stern in) at the dock by 3:45 PM. Stern in docking is a challenge and I have only done it a couple of times.
Gwenn and Perry Smith with Dennis
Gwenn and Perry headed to the outer banks for the rest of their vacation and to celebrate Gwenn's birthday. Pixie and Bob joined us and we went to dinner at Marker 20. Davis Murray and his Barefoot Davis Band was playing for the Caribbean 1500 Rally event. You can download Davis' rendition of Dead Man's Chest at: Check out the YouTube video: He is a fun guy living the lifestyle many guys envy!

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