Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Still Waiting to Depart!

Here it is Tuesday evening and we are playing cards in the cockpit. There is no reason to be scurrying about as we have now been delayed until 9 AM Thursday. It is hard to believe there is a big gale off the coast because we have had two of the most beautiful days: blue sky, no clouds, warm sunshine and mild breeze. These would have been perfect sailing days, but …
For the sake of safety, the Rally team does not want to send us all out to meet up with rough weather. The Gulf Stream is challenging enough without facing an oncoming storm! The reports suggest the seas are 15 feet with gale winds. And the gale is not moving out to sea as fast as they originally thought. We will have more details at Wednesday afternoon Skipper’s Meeting.
In the meantime, I am finding it very frustrating trying to get online to work and blog. Even my Droid 2 hot spot is not allowing me to get on the Internet! No one is having any luck with connections. So much for adding the WiFi equipment! The access here is sub par. We can connect with the boat hot spot and my cell phone hot spot intermittently. And, of course, it stops right before you have a chance to save your work!
Today Bob gave us a wonderful tour of the Fort Monroe area. The Fort had been in existence and continuously occupied since 1823. President Obama recently signed a bill to establish the facility as a national park so the Army has moved out and the tourists have enjoyed the open grounds. The Casemate Museum in the fort has the cell of captured Confederate President Jefferson Davis. We also saw the Quarters of Robert E. Lee, who was stationed there from 1831 to 1834.
The Old Point Comfort Lighthouse has been in continuous operation since 1802. Mile Post Zero is located there. From this site, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad measured distances westward along its 664.9 miles of track to Cincinnati, Ohio.
I am not a history buff; Dennis is. I do have to say it was one of the most interesting museum tours I have taken. I am sure this was because Col. Bob (Retired) has lived the life and is an amazing source of stories and experiences. He shared the many details of the military life displayed in the museum.
Tomorrow we may visit the Maritime Museum or the Air and Space Museum since we have to do something until the 3 PM Skipper’s Meeting.

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