Friday, November 11, 2011

We Are Off - Finally!

Larry, Sherry, Dennis and Bob ready and waiting to go!  
 Well the big day has finally arrived! After another delay, it is now Friday and the Start time is 10 AM. Since we are not in the competition group, we will get there when we get there!

We are heading out to sea. I am not sure what weather situations we will meet out there, but the Rally team feels it is time to go. It looks like some high winds on the way out and then we should hit a long stretch of not much wind. It's a hurry up and wait situation. Go fast, then stall. Like the freeway in the rush hour!

Ideally, you leave on the backside of a low pressure system to take advantage of the counter-clockwise air flow. And also to get out before the next low pressure system moves in - and it will! That would cause another delay. However, Tropical Storm Sean has created some uncertainty in the winds. It should be north of our path, but we are expecting up to 10 foot waves on top of the swells.

I can guarantee that NO ONE here wants another delay. Not only is it expensive, boring and frustrating, it is eating up our time in the islands! This year we planned to give ourselves more time once we were there. Now we are watching those extra days disappear before our very eyes.

Here we are waving goodbye to Hampton on the beach at Fort Monroe. Unfortunately, we did not leave the day after this was taken!

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