Monday, November 7, 2011

Is the Weather Going to Cooperate?

Glad we are snuggled in between the big ones!
Our scheduled departure for the Rally is Monday, November 7th at Noon. Right now it is looking like the weather will permit an on-time departure. As I write this on Friday night, the wind is gusting to over 45 knots and we are tugging on the dock lines. Fortunately we are tucked in between two huge power boats so one on them is blocking some of the force. We had to take down the Rally flags as they were pounding in the wind.

The forecast for Cape Hatteras and the open water is not pretty. The winds have been very strong and the waves very high. There have been flood warnings on the rivers off the Chesapeake Bay due to the surge of the ocean coming into the bay. There is a low pressure system creating this wind. It is supposed to be moving out tomorrow and a high moving in. High pressure systems are good as they bring pleasant weather. Hopefully by Monday, all will be right with the world!

I can feel the boat straining on its lines and we are moving around in our slip and rocking some. And I am not looking forward to the long walk up to the head tonight! It rained on and off during the night and all day today. We still have a lot of deck prep to do before heading out so we need the weather to settle down. I guess these are the joys of fall sailing.

This scan from the weather site shows why we are having the winds. They are predicting great weather - but not much wind - for Monday and Tuesday. So it may be a slow ride this year!

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  1. Sherry & Dennis:

    I would highly recommend the delay. We have been having high seas for the past week due to the storm located in you path. The report is that the seas are 15 feet or more off shore. So it is good to wait.



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