Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How Fresh Is Fresh?

The trip across the ocean is long so there is time to do other activities. When you are not on watch, you can sleep (highly recommended), read, listen to music or fish! It is somewhat challenging to keep the boat at the appropriate speed for fishing off the stern. If you go too fast or slow, the fish may not be interested. Or you just might not be in an area where the fish are present or biting!

We use two approaches: a hand line and a pole. They each present their challenges, both in the water and out. Dennis or a crew member has to tether themselves to the boat (with a life vest on, of course) and get out of the cockpit and onto the aft deck. Then we hand the fishing equipment out to him. Once he gets the hand line and the pole secured, he attaches the lures and lets out the line.

Dennis and Larry bringing
 in a Mahi Mahi
Then we watch - and wait - and watch some more. We sort of ignore the lines until we see the pole bend or hear the line run out. And then the fun begins: out they go to the aft deck again to start the process of bringing in the bacon!

Actually, it has only been Mahi Mahi. We have yet to see a Wahoo, but we have heard others talk about catching them.

With great patience - most of the time - the guys bring the fish closer to the boat, trying to tire it out before it tires them out! Experience has taught us that rushing the process leads to the loss of the fish - and sometimes the lure, too. Really, what does the fish see in a bright pink or lime green plastic fish wearing a matching hula skirt anyway?

This one went back to grow up!
Sometimes there are challenges with the line(s) - especially when the fish decides to cross over the other one. Or when there are weeds on it. You haven't seen weeds until you have seen the huge patches of Sargasso weeds! And as the line drags through it, you know it is time to go back out to clear it off -again.

And this one was dinner!
We don't keep all of the fish we catch. If the fish is too small to get a good meal for four, we toss it back and try again.  Then we wait for the bite and the fight to bring it in.But it is worth the effort when you fillet the fish on the deck and send it to the galley to dinner! Now that is FRESH FISH!

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