Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We Are Still Here in Hampton!

Here is the bad news: We are not departing until Monday, November 8th. That is a full week's delay. I cannot fault the Rally organizers as they want us all to be safe and have a comfortable sail to Tortola. It is a good lesson in letting Mother Nature have her way! Women do rule!

Dennis, Stuart & Bob strategizing!
We have done a lot of little projects on Trillium which equals spending a lot of money! At least, we know she is sea-ready. A boat IS a hole in the water into which you throw money!

We continue to enjoy the generous hospitality of the Killebrews and the Hampton community. Many people are sympathetic to our weather delay - but love the support we are all giving to their ecomony. There is always a silver lining to every cloud!

Could you enjoy this view every night? I surely could!
Pixie and Bob hosted a wonderful dinner for the crew and Stuart's father and friend, Mary Lou. The Killebrews live on the James River in Newport News and Pixie is a fabulous gardener with many plants in bloom now. The views of the river are stunning with the setting sun. I could live here, too.

We are so lucky to have connected with them and will be honored to call them friends for many years to come. Hopefully they will come to Michigan and see our beautiful sunrises on Lake St. Clair and sunrises and sunsets at Pointe aux Barques on Lake Huron.

Sunset over the James River
Bob is a real walking, talking history book and shares the best stories about the area as we travel around. Stuart's father, Murray, and Bob captivated us with the discussion of the various wars in which they had participated. I have never been a history buff, but I found it most enjoyable hearing from men who were there. My father never spoke of the war as he had been a young medic and saw "too much" to talk about. My father-in-law, Joe Day, loved to discuss the WWII.

Dennis, Murray and Mary Lou

The sailing community is a wonderful group of people. Everyone lends a hand, a tool and advice. We are so blessed to be able to be part of it and have this experience. If you want to sneak a look at another family sailing the South Pacific with their small children for 5 years, check out their blog at Behan has the most fabulous photos on her site.

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