Friday, November 5, 2010

Dealing with Chilly Weather

Have you ever noticed that time only flies when you are having fun! This hurry up and wait is getting to me. I was so geeked about casting off on November 1. While we are still excited about the adventure, it is challenging to keep the enthusiasm at the highest level as we count down the days again. Maybe by Saturday night I will feel the rush again.

Dennis at the helm
We have learned how to work our heaters and heat pump. I sure love that the Swedes believe in cold weather sailing. You probably have not noticed, but you never see a photo of a Hallberg-Rassy yacht adorned with  bikini-clad babes! No, they always show the crew bundled up in cold weather gear. Now I really appreciate the extra amenities of the Swedish design.

We only packed cold weather clothing for the first few days since you move into warm water and air once the Gulf Stream is crossed. So a few more days of wearing the same clothes ... Pixie has offered her laundry room once again.

Not exactly a real beauty wearing everything I have with me!
The weather has been overcast and rainy for several days. And it is chilly. Hopefully this is a result of the backside of Richard and Shary. It appears that Tomas is headed for Haiti (they do not need this!) and Cuba. Then hopefully it will turn toward Bermuda and break up on its way northeast. My sinuses would love to see it dry up here!

As you can see below, there has been a lot of rain. When the sun has been out, the breeze has had a real bite to it so we are dressed in layers and wet weather gear even on land.

We will really appreciate the warm weather when we get there. But you still will not see a bikini-clad babe on the rail of this Hallberg-Rassy! At least not until our daughters and their friends show up.

We are hopeful that our family and friends will join us along the way and sail a leg or two with us. Our grandchildren are still a little small to be confined to such a limited space and be tethered in all of the time. But the way they are growing, it won't be long!

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