Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Catching Mahi Mahi Off the Stern!

As the weather warms, we are changing our wardrobes to summer clothing and hanging out on the aft deck and under the spinnaker. Shorts and suntan lotion are the requirements of the day now. The autopilot is set on its track to Tortola so we are just sailing along in a straight line with the wind behind us. Not the fastest way to sail, but the only think we can do!

Sherry soaking up the sun while tethered to the aft deck.
We tried our hand at fishing and caught three Mahi Mahi. They are beautiful fish - yellow-green in the water and good fighters. Once on deck, we strayed the gills with vodka and take them out of their misery. Then suddenly they turn a dark blue-green! Dennis filleted the fish and Sherry sauteed them for dinner. It makes for a happy crew!

Another day we had two Mahi Mahi on the lines at the same time. Unfortunately, the guys probably reeled them in too fast and did not let them tire out. As a result, both leaped off the hooks just as they were being lifted onto the aft deck. It was still exciting to see them fighting in the water. They probably became dinner for another sea critter!

We used a deep sea fishing pole and a hand line. Each had different lures. We think a Wahoo got away with our pink hula lure leaving us with only a line! The fishing made for a break in the boredom and added a little excitement. We will not be fishing in the BVI as you need a license and the reef fish have nasty diseases.

We are moving along at a great speed considering we have a following sea. With the aid of the motor at times, we are making good time and hope to be in Tortola by Wednesday.

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