Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Surreal: Champagne and Dark Chocolates!

What do champagne and dark chocolate covered almonds have to do with sailing? Just a symbol of the good life! We were sitting in the harbor at Nanny Cay on Tortola, BVI having dinner in the cockpit, sipping champagne and munching on chocolate - and pinching ourselves: are we really living this dream?!

It is one thing to think about "Someday", but we have made that Someday today! I saw the following sign in a gift shop this morning:


See ...

There is no Someday!

I am so glad we "bit the bullet" and "took the leap" to buy the boat and start our adventures. We are not getting any younger! I do feel more energetic and physically active moving around the boat. It may keep me young. There are so many places to climb in and over that you have to stay limber to survive. I did get a number of bruises during the passage by getting slammed into the wooden parts of the boat below. I almost lost my face on the porthole above the stove when the boat lurched and I lost my balance. I guess my battle scar bruises are a sign of honor among the ladies who made the crossing and those who flew down to meet their hubbies!

Dennis is doing some work from the boat. That is the nice thing about the cell phone and Internet. It is challenging to get a good connection from time to time, but at least he can participate in conference calls and depositions from here. The Internet is slow and does not allow for easily uploading photos and large files. I will have to catch up on my work with we return next week.  It is also causing problems with updating the blog as well.

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