Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Creeping Crawlers, Critters & Other Closing Up Issues

Well, our time of fun on the high seas is drawing to a close for now! It is bittersweet: finally relaxing into this world of "island time" and the need to get back to a productive routine (and all the junk that is piling up on our desks). Since we are not retired, reality is setting in that we must go home!

Laundry is NEVER done!
What we did not realize is what it takes to put a boat up in the tropics. It takes a lot of work. In fact, it took us three days to get it all done and then we left some things undone! Of course, there is the mechanical and electrical parts of the boat to put to bed. And there is a lot of cleaning to reduce the salt residue both inside and out. Salt will eat away at everything - even the stainless steel. Laundry, cleaning ...
Dennis in the engine room

The most unpleasant thoughts are those of dealing with the "critters" that may find their way aboard while we are away. ALL cardboard must be removed from the boat as cockroaches like to feast on it! I have never seen a cockroach and hope I never do! We put out traps for cockroaches and ants that may find their way in through the various through-hulls. All of the food was put into plastic bins or double zip top bags. We gave away anything that might spoil in the heat that will build up in the boat as it sits on land in the Caribbean sun for several months.

Putting the galley away ...
When we return for the month of February, we will have to get rid of all of the traps while on board, then replace them with new ones when we leave again. (Hummm - it would be easier just to stay there all winter!) Hopefully next time we will be more efficient at getting it ready to go on the hard (that means on land for your landlubbers).

It seems that our month of sailing in February will really only be three weeks of sailing by the time we get Trillium set up again and then put her away again. We will go back in April to sail her back to the east coast. In the meantime, we are looking for crew for the return trip to Hampton, VA via Bermuda. That is the first leg of the ARC Europe. From Bermuda, some boats go to Europe and others return to the USA.

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