Monday, November 1, 2010

Cotton Pickin' Weather!

Here it is "Departure Day"- but we are still here! Hurricane Richard has held us in port. We are waiting for the low pressure system over North Carolina to move offshore and pull Richard up and out of the way. In the meantime, there are 83 boats whose crew members are jockeying their vacation schedules and airline tickets. We may all be a little unhappy, but you don't mess with Mother Nature!

So what do you do while sitting around a harbor waiting for a weather window? If you are as lucky as we are, you have a crew member who lives in the area and with his wife are the "host and hostess with the mostest!" Pixie and Bob took us to a tidewater community in Rescue, VA to have lunch at Captain Chuck.A.Muck's right on the river next to a working dock.

The working dock filled with crab cages
This is an active waterman community. The area was once brimming with generations of watermen, but like many things it is beginning to dwindle. If you enjoy crabs and oysters, you have to applaud the men of this lifestyle.
Welcome to Captain Chuck.A.Muck's
Captain Chuck.A.Muck's serves great fresh seafood in a wonderfully casual atmosphere. The oyster lovers among us were in shellfish heaven with several dozen of those slimy things arriving at our table in buckets. (Can you tell who does not like them?) 
Love this sign at the entrance!

Bob and Pixie showed us how it is done. Dennis is a seafood lover and knows just how to wrestle those shelled critters. Sherry can hardly stand to watch them eat them! A crabcake served her well. 
That's one huge oyster!

Pixie knows how to "dress 'em up"

On the way back to the boat, Bob stopped at a cotton field and picked a "bouquet" of cotton. Not every boat will have this! As for the cotton pickin' weather, we will have to find other fun things to do until Friday or Saturday until those troublesome men (hurricanes Richard, Shary and Tomas) get out to sea!

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