Friday, March 10, 2017

The Iconic Table Mountain

We had a closer as we approach the harbor.
The day after we arrived in Cape Town, the weather was perfect for a trip up to the top of Table Mountain. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining without it being terribly hot. It looked like a great opportunity to take in this tourist attraction.

The first thing you see is a cable car coming down.
Then you board one to head up to the top.
World ARC friends who had already been up to the top suggested that we take a taxi at 5 PM and go up for sunset. It was a great idea so we packed a bottle of wine and some glasses, donned our windbreakers, and headed off to see the iconic Table Mountain.
We took a taxi and he was able to drop us off right near the ticket window so we didn't have to walk up that steep hill. Elizabeth from Caduceus came with us as Martin doesn't like heights. It was definitely a good decision on his part. It is high in the sky!

Most of the city harbor area was built on reclaimed land.

Looking east from the top.

Looking west.

The snack bar at the top.

Back down the hill.

Elizabeth from S/Y Caduceus joined us.

At different times, clouds rolled through the area.

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