Sunday, March 5, 2017

Cape Town At Last!

The sun was rising as we started our turn
toward the north at the Cape of Good Hope.
Cape Town, here we come! It has been several years in the planning to arrive in Cape Town, South Africa for the Christmas Holidays. At one point, we even though about having the whole family join us for a safari. NOT! Two factors: 1) most safaris don't like little children as they can be "bait" for the wild animals; 2) it was going to cost about $80,000! Whoa!

Our time in Cape Town would be about seven weeks, but two of those will be spent in safari camps with just the two of us - no kiddos. Again we would not be with family for the holidays, but we were planning a most memorable safari to make up for it.

Our first view of the iconic Table Mountain. It is that really
flat area at about 11 o'clock above the middle stantion.

Of course, the World ARC family always makes the holidays away from home a little nicer. This particular WARC fleet is very close-knit and welcoming. We were embraced as soon as we joined them in Mackay, AU. We have participated in three different WARC fleets over the past three years and they all have a unique personality.

A view of the Cape Town Harbor
The WARC fleet will all be berthed in the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Marina, known as the V&A. And we will all be on one floating pontoon. That will make it easier to connect with others and plan our on-dock New Year's Eve party. The word is there will be fireworks over the harbor at midnight!

The location is perfect as we are right in the heart of the tourist area and there is a lot going on all of the time. And it is really active with the Christmas and New Year's Eve events. It will be fun!

We can see the big ferris wheel from the dock and hear lots of music coming across the water. There are many restaurants and shops in the area so this will be a great place to be for a lengthy stay. And best of all, it is all within walking distance and English is the language! Slightly different accents, but it is understandable.

We had to pass through two pedestrian drawbridges to
get to the berthing area in the V & A Marina.
The location is also ideal because Dennis' brother and sister-in-law are coming to Cape Town to join us for part of the safari adventure. They had been with us back in Tahiti several years ago. They will be staying at the One and Only Hotel next to the marina. How convenient! Thanks to our great travel agent, Beth at Travel World in Grosse Pointe!

Here we are coming around the Cape of Good Hope!
I never dreamed of this! Thanks, Dennis, my Dreamer.

We were next to the lovely One and Only Hotel.

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