Monday, March 20, 2017

More Fun & Family in Cape Town

Dennis & Don hamming it up with the Great Men of SA!
Now that we are going to be in one place for a while, we can live like others do on land: shop, sightsee, visit friends, meet family, dine out, go to events, etc. All the things we can not do at sea! It is also time to say goodbye to Don, our crew, who has sailed with us for 3.5 months! Imagine putting up with me in a small space for so long!                                                                    

Photo taken by Don on his last night with us.
Don was a great asset to our Indian Ocean crossing. Besides being a good sailor, he was very entertaining. I have never known anyone who has a memory like his. He can break into a song or recitation from books or movies or childhood with the mere mention of a word. What fun! We will miss him and hope to see him when we visit the British Isles.

Thanks, Don, it was a great trip. And the Indian Ocean did not live up to its image except for a couple of times. Thank goodness!

Dining out with Don was always fun.
We had a lot of dock parties! Well, it is five o'clock here every day! I think I have had more to drink since joining this WARC fleet than I have had in my whole life! But getting together at the end of the day to share adventures, places to see and eat, etc. is a great part of cruising. Someone in this group is always suggesting something to do. Never a dull moment - we have enough of those at sea on long passages!

Love the gals on this WARC. So much fun.

The WARC Dancing Girls in the front dancing at the
Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden concert.

Cape Town continued to give us beautiful evenings every night. Perfect weather and perfect temperature for sleeping. Often in harbor it is very still and warm or hot! We even had to pull out sweaters and fleeces a couple of times.

Dennis' brother Joe and his wife Barbara arrived in Cape Town to join us for our safari. They had joined us in Tahiti for our sail to Morea and Bora Bora back in French Polynesia.
They stayed in the One & Only Hotel just steps away from our dock. That made it very convenient for all. They all love raw seafood and enjoyed it in several places. I can hardly stand to look at it, let alone watch them eat those slithery, slimy things! I guess I leave more for them.

Dennis' favorite snack: raw oysters! YUCK!

There are always new things to see here. The town is alive and active day and night. Security is good as there are police everywhere. And, of course, like any city, you don't walk in isolated areas at night.

We walked by the dry dock where they were working on a ship. It really shows how big those freighters are and why you don't stand a chance if you get in their way. Since we passed it every day, we could see the progress on the painting project. I am glad we are paying for that bottom paint!

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