Monday, July 15, 2013

Now It Is Getting Serious!

How do you move a 25 ton yacht?
S/V Trillium is back in the water! Hooray!

We launched her July 4th after being on land since May 31, 2012. It felt sooooo good be be back on the Chesapeake Bay - even though it was really hot, humid and no wind.

Our sailing friends Stuart and Sondra joined us to take the boat north to Bert Jabin's Yacht Yard for some serious additions: a 400D wind generator, Watt & Sea hydro generator (and all of the gizmos that make them communicate with our other systems), a back-up auto-pilot, a new stereo/CD/DVD/MP3 player for crew entertainment, and a panic alarm to hopefully ward off any uninvited guests!

Just pick her up and drive down the street to the launch ramp!
The Selden furlers have been sent to Sweden for service, the rigging is being thoroughly checked and repaired or replaced as necessary, and the water-maker has been refurbished. All systems and safety items are being checked. The sails are at Quantum Sail loft being checked and repaired.

The life raft, MOM-8  and EPIRB will have to be repacked just before we leave. And we have to update all of our emergency flares. It amazes me that they are $50 each and expire in 3 years. But I know it is important to have them work if one ever needs them. Let's hope we don't!

Here we are at Jabin's - ready to spend $$$!
I started provisioning non-perishable goods, as in 40 rolls of single-ply toilet paper! Just how do you calculate how much TP one needs for 2-3 years? It's not that we will never see TP in a store along the way, but rather everything I have read says to take your favorite paper and plastic things with you as it will not be the same when you find it in these other places. I also stowed paper towels, laundry detergent, shampoo and cream rinse, toothpaste, etc.

Now I am starting to think about provisioning food. That will take a lot of thought and planning. I asked Stuart, who has crewed with us in the past and will on board for the Caribbean 1500 leg to Tortola, BVI, what changes I should make to my meal plan. He said: NONE! Just more of your famous corn chowder! That makes it easy for the first part of the trip. After that, I will have to get creative with local foods.

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