Friday, June 21, 2013

Living in an Upside Down World!

Our 1897 Summer House needed some porch repair!
These days are overwhelming! There is so much to do and much of it hinges on some other action needing to be taken. It is more than living in limbo. In fact, that would be easy compared to this. We have guys working on the boat, guys working on the house and guys working on the cottage. That doesn't even include the work we are doing ourselves.

Dennis & Roger spent a lot of time looking
at things underneath the sole (floor)...

We just spent four days in Maryland working on things you can't even see! But are very important. Everything is being checked out, upgraded, cleaned, tested, etc. Some new energy generating equipment is being added as well as some safety and back-up systems.

We have spent three weekends at the cottage getting it ready for the season and people who will be arriving soon. It is such a great place in the summer. Wouldn't you enjoy sitting on an old fashion screened in porch with the breeze, a good book and a cold one! I hope we get a chance to do just that!

I guess I didn't really picture so much chaos for the whole spring and summer. Everywhere I turn someone has created another mess. There are more calls to make and and things to be scheduled, ordered or ... Maybe it is part of the Master's plan! The more chaotic it is, the easier it is for me to focus on what I really want to keep and from what I will just walk away and leave behind. It will be a helluva moving sale!

and in the engine room. Now everything below the
sole is checked out, cleaned and ready to go.
A move like this makes you realize how much we "needed" to have over the years: the fine china, crystal and sterling silver. How about all of those small appliances and gadgets that were the latest and greatest? Now what do you do with it all! I have given so much away and there is still too much stuff. And then there is all of the stuff the five kids left behind. Just how many George Foreman Grills did we own collectively?

And then Dennis & Jim started doing the same on deck:
rigging check, some modifications to be made, etc.
The challenge is what should go where. The best stuff will go into storage for use when we return. The better stuff will go to the cottage and boat to replace the old stuff there. Then the old stuff from the all three places will go in the sale or more pick ups from Viet Nam Vets, or Grace Centers of Hope, or St. Vincent de Paul, or ... I can't even remember who all has taken bags and boxes off our porch. And they must know there is more as I keep receiving emails and post cards telling me there will be in our neighborhood! I'll bet they are waiting for the better and best stuff!

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