Friday, August 9, 2013

Test Kitchen (Galley) Exercise

As time is getting shorter, I am fretting more and more about the provisioning and the efficiency of our galley. With such limited space, I need to make sure everything has a purpose or function and, hopefully, find multiple functions for most items.

The biggest problem is storage space. It is not like home where I have more cabinets in addition to the full kitchen in my basement! Now I am confined to a 4'X5' space with four skinny drawers and two cabinets below the counter. The oven, sink and refrigerator take up all of the other under counter space.

I didn't believe that it would be done in 8 minutes
so I cooked it for 15! It was done! Very moist
and tasty and falling off the bones. Next time I
will follow the directions - maybe!

I have stacking pots with removable handles so that saves space. Once again I have removed items from the galley with the intent of replacing them with some things more useful and versatile. For several years I have been looking at pressure cookers. I have steered away from them based on bad memories and some steam burns from childhood experiences. I finally purchased one. Ironically, I ordered it online right after the Boston Marathon bombing. I wonder if I am now being "tracked?"

It has sat in the boat storage area since then. I finally got the courage to give it a try last night. I bravely went to the market and bought a whole fresh chicken. I watched the "how to" video and went to work. Amazingly, I had the best tasting chicken ever in just 15 minutes! Now I am ready to practice on other meats and entrees!

I bought a very nice Fagor Chef's model for its high quality stainless steel and minimal handle design. I know I could have gotten a less expensive one, but I only plan to buy one so I got the best one! I can highly recommend this one. The best thing is how little time it takes which translates into using less propane. It also functions as a steamer, stock pot and Dutch oven. Now I can eliminate my large stock pot. (You need big - actually deep - pots to keep liquids from sloshing on you under way.)

Why is this a concern? Imagine running out of propane in the middle of grilling your dinner. Now put yourself in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or on some remote island where you can't just run out and refill the tank. In fact, much of the world does not use liquid propane gas like we do in the USA. As I read in preparation for the circumnavigation, propane will be nearly impossible to get once we leave the Caribbean.

Now I have a new rule about making coffee. Listen up, Crew. We will be using the 220V European coffee pot and not the propane for stove top coffee!

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