Wednesday, April 4, 2012

More Beauty on Nevis

After spending most of the day hiking and relaxing at Golden Rock Estate on Nevis, Dennis and I were dropped off at the Botanical Garden of Nevis, also in the Gingerland area, while Susan and Jim went back to town. The gardens cover an eight acre area and contain numerous varieties of palms and orchids among the collection. 

There was a beautiful white egret or crane of some type in the lily pond. He was quite comfortable with people getting close enough to photograph him. I assume it was a male since in the birds, they seem to get the better looks!

In an enclosed garden area, parrots where in a large screened cage. There were several varieties and some smaller birds, as well. The orchids were located throughout the gardens and were stunning.

The garden plants are from all over the world. I never knew there were so many varieties of palm trees – every size and shape and leave shape imaginable.It is laid out as landscaping around the large house. Since most items are labeled, we just wandered around at our own pace.

The also had a large collection of fruit trees from all over the world. Unfortunately, this is not the season for blooms or fruits on many of the species. The serenity of the garden was well worth the walk and visit.

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