Thursday, March 29, 2012

Making Connections with Other Sailors

Susan, Jim, Dennis and driver, Nicholas
As usual, I struck up a conversation on the dock with another sailing couple. She held our line while we positioned the dinghy. I noticed that their dingy was registered in Virginia. Of course, I asked if they were from Virginia and we started chatting. Then the next morning, Monday, they arrived at the dinghy dock just behind us. So I asked what they were planning for the day’s adventure. It turned out to be the same as our plan, so I asked if they would like to share a taxi

Dennis talking to a client in the middle
of the rain forest hike!
And so, we spent most of the day in the company of Susan and Jim from Virginia Beach, VA. We rode up  to Golden Rock Estate for a day of hiking in the rain forest, hoping to see the wild greenback monkeys. Our taxi driver was Nicholas whom we had met on Sunday and assured him we would be ready to go on Monday.

We started up (and I mean UP!) the Nature Trail to the Source. Susan and Jim went further than we did, but they did not make it to the top either! It was cool in the rain forest and a beautiful sight, but it was very hot in the open areas. The sounds of the birds and the wind in the breeze was refreshing.

Sherry calling  "uncle" to the hike!

I am not a great hiker. My sciatic nerve is an issue when climbing up and down. Once my leg starts throbbing and shaking, I am done! Dennis went a little further than I did. I was happy to learn from Susan and Jim that not too far from where I gave up, the trail became very step and rocky. They did not find it enjoyable or safe. That is when they turned back and headed down. So none of us reached the Source!

We also shared the trail with goats. At one point, I was standing between two - one was a very large black billy goat. He was looking at the smaller one on the other side of me and she was looking at him and then at me. I was not to sure what they were discussing! But I decided it was time for me to move along before they executed their plan.

To cool off, we sat by the pool with cold Cokes until Susan and Jim returned to join us for lunch. The view from Golden Rock is spectacular. The grounds are very pretty with many different planting groups ranging from desert to rain forest in theme and location on the property.

The dining terrace at Golden Rock Estate
The restaurant at Golden Rock Estate is one of the best places to dine: beautiful view, fabulous terrace and very good food. The lobster salad was great! We all enjoyed a several hour long lunch in this lovely place.

After our big talk of walking down the mountain back to town with our taxi driver, Nicholas (who smirked at our idea), we called him for the return trip. The hike had been enough mountain climbing for all of us! Dennis and I were dropped off at the Botanical Garden.

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