Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fun Things to See and Do When Cruising

Visiting the various islands and meeting people from around the world who are enjoying the cruising life has been fun. We haven't done as much sight-seeing as we would like since we are "checking out" the islands to see where we might want to spend more time. Some sailors spend their whole cruising adventure in the islands surrounding the Caribbean Sea.

Here are some of the fun things we have seen and done. In Cint Marteen, the children take sailing lessons at the Yacht Club. These cute little people can really work the rudders and duck the booms. Their instructor sails along side the group shouting instructions. You can tell the children are competitive and will grow up to be great sailors.

There are many colorful fish and interesting coral species. In the Virgin Islands, anchoring is not allowed in many areas since much of the ocean is designated as Marine Parks and Preserves. Anchoring destroys the coral beds and upsets the ecosystem. 

Dennis snorkeling at the Caves on Norman Island
Sherry "guarding" the dinghy!
Of course, there are many places in the Virgin Islands and others to scuba dive and snorkel. I realize my swimming strength has diminished over the years so I am cautious, at best.

Dennis dives right in while I "guard" the dinghy. Having been a high school and college swimmer, he glides through the water.

Some excuse, huh! I will have to work on my swimming stamina if I am going to keep up with him.

Also, I am not so sure I like the looks of a lot of the creatures  below the waterline! And the goggles magnify the size of them.

In addition to the sea creatures, there are many different kinds of birds. Of course, the pelican crashing into the water to get its food is a fun sight to watch. I don't know why they don't break their necks!

A pelican resting in the tree and
watching for a meal below.
Pelicans diving for dinner

And resting afterwards!

Here they are crashing into the sea in pursuit of a meal. In some areas, such as Cane Garden Bay, Tortola and Great Harbor, Jost Van Dyke, the pelicans provide entertainment to those on the beach. They also are a hazard as they buzz the swimmers!

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