Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Stopping in at Montpelier

The tree is very old and it greets
you at the entrance.
Nicholas came back to pick us up at the Botanical Garden and insisted that we take a few minutes to stop at Montpelier before going back to the boat. This is where Alexander Hamilton was born.

Like many of the old plantations, it has taken much renovation and a love for the historical buildings to create comfortable living spaces with today's amenities. Fine dining seems to be the draw to most of these establishments.

Interior dining area 

It is one of the old sugar plantations that have been turned into a beautiful hotel. It is now owned by an American family. The reputation for the dining is excellent both for food and ambiance - and the views!

Lobby lounge area
We only stayed a few minutes to take in the view and the interior of the hotel. Again, Nicholas was right: it was well worth the stop! I guess when you are a native and have been driving tourists around for years, you do know the places to see!

Terrace dining

A wonderful view of the ocean at a distance.

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