Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things To Do - And Not - In Bermuda

I love the bagpipes!

Being tied up here next to the Town Square has given us a good view of tourist entertainment. In addition to the daily dunking of the town shrew (apparently not a wench as I earlier stated) and harassment of the town drunk (a tourist grabbed out of the crowd), there was a musical event one evening. Since I love the bagpipes, it was a real treat to see the performance. However, there was a moment that was not too politically correct!
There were several dignitaries seated in front of a special seating area to watch this performance. Unfortuantely, Gary and I did not see this set up as we tried to cut through to get to the boat. They had the whole street blocked off so we thought we would just cut close to the Town Hall and walk along the shops to get around it all.

Opps! We are in the wrong place!

Wrong! I suddenly realized we were standing dead center behind the Mayor (we think he was the one with the gold braided sash across his chest – unless it was the governor!)  and whoever it was dressed in a fancy uniform. The bagpipers came marching toward the men so we were caught there. Then the marching band came marching in. I wanted to disappear into the bushes, but there weren’t any!
I suggested we sprint on across until I noticed a bench of men in uniform directly in my path! Once both bands were playing, we made a dash back from where we came and tried to blend into the crowd. Since we could not get to the boat, we stood there for over an hour watching the performance. It was well worth it, but I wish we had not become part of it!

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