Monday, May 9, 2011

Stuck in Bermuda - Alone!

The Crew before they all bailed on me!
Here we are waiting out a big storm that is forming in the Atlantic between Bermuda and the East Coast. It looks like we are going to be here at least until Saturday if this gale does what is expected. At this time, no one knows where it will track. Even if it goes north of Bermuda, the winds and sea will be high with huge swells. Not exactly what I would want to experience!

Dennis’ office is in need of his magic so he is flying home today. It was a major effort just getting an Internet connection to find a flight. I finally got a Delta flight through Boston to get him home this evening. He is scheduled to return Thursday night – assuming the storm is not centered here which would reroute him to???

Jeff is leaving the boat today to fly home to tend to his stomach upset. Hopefully it is nothing serious. They say sea sickness is an issue of mind over matter. But I can tell you that when you have it on your mind, it doesn’t matter what they say – you feel it! The more you think about NOT getting sea sick, the worse you feel. It is really hard to manage the mind when your stomach is suggesting otherwise!

Gary sprung one on me: he booked a flight home for Tuesday! I was really upset that he did not even discuss it with me first. I am trying not to panic about how to handle 48.5 feet of boat alone in a storm! I can do most things needed, but doing them alone in bad conditions terrifies me. I did not sign up for this test at this time!

Conditions are starting to deteriotate!
 We have to move off the dock at the St. George’s Dingy and Sports Club as the 30-35 knot winds will slam us against it. (We already sustained some gel coat damage during the storm a few nights ago.) The suggestion is to anchor out. I don’t want to be alone on an anchor in the middle of the harbour in these conditions, plus I don’t have a dingy readily available so I will be “boat bound.”  If the anchor were to drag, I would be challenged to reset it to avoid hitting another boat or the reefs or a wall! Fine time to have the whole crew bail on me!

I have prevailed on a couple of local business women here. After telling them my dilemma, they helped me find a place to tie up at Penno’s Wharf. I am secure on the wall with everything tied down and bumpered as best I can. Since there is no electricity here, I will have to figure out how to run the generator to keep the food cold. Dennis has a “how to” note book so I should be able to do it.

The great thing about being part of the Rally is that there are many sailors ready to lend me a hand. The crews of Magnetic Sky, Skitterygustest, Madrugada and Namaste have been supportive. And of course, the World Cruising Club staff has been sooooo helpful.

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