Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving Again - To Another Dock!

It’s moving day again. We have been hanging on the old cruise liner dock, but just received notice that a “government” ship is coming in so we all have to leave the dock and find a new place to anchor or tie up. Since the ARC Europe group is starting to arrive, there are very few places to tie up. Fortunately for me, the wonderful Atlantic Cup Rally staff is taking care of the details for me. They have been a godsend. I can't thank them enough for all of the caring concern and assistance.

Dunking the Town Wench is a daily tourist event right
next to me! She kept asking me to come and save her.
They have secured a place for me to raft up to two other boats at the Town Dock. This is a great location since it is in a busy area and I am not off somewhere by myself. It is also close to the public restrooms, the grocery store and restaurants. 

The town square is very active and full of tourists and entertainment so it is not as peaceful as other places, but I feel safe here. And the Customs & Immigration dock is next door so there are cameras watching the area. This is the center of the tourist area with a daily program and music right beside my new spot. There is a reenactment of old punishment traditions every day at noon. I just sit on the deck and watch the show! 

You can see we are packed in there.

Rafting up was a new experience! I had to coast into a narrow area, passing boats on either side of me and then pull in front of S/V Mowari and “parallel park” this 48.5’ vessel next to a big beautiful black-hulled Alden. Backing out of here is going to be a nightmare, but we are out of the wind and waves.

I ran the generator again before walking over a mile up the hill to St. George's Dingy and Sports Club for the Skipper's Meeting. At least the Internet is working again so I can connect with Dennis. He just let me know he found a new crew member so we are going to have four of us again. That will make the trip home easier. If we leave on Saturday, Gary will be able to go with us. He has to be home by Wednesday.

Good things do come out of challenging events. The whole Rally community has come together to help each other with repairs, moving, dingy transportation, etc. It has been a great opportunity to get to know the other sailors. I have made new friends and hopefully we will all connect as we sail around the favorite areas for cruisers.

Sherry, Han from Ottawa, Nirit from Israel & Patti from Texas

Last night several of us were invited aboard S/V Magnetic Sky, a 70' Hylas, for a dinner party. It is a beautiful boat with a full time Captain and First Mate (the Captain's wife, who is also a watercolor artist). The owners, Ray and Susan are from Toronto and were gracious hosts.

We all brought an appetizer and Susan prepared a Jamaican fish dish with coconut rice. Then topped it off with the best gingerbread and fresh pineapple. Susan learned the recipe for the fish from her family's longtime Jamaican domestic helper - who is more of a family member than employee.                                                                               
Susan & Ray on S/V Magnetic Sky from Toronto

The whole crew of Magnetic Sky has been so helpful to me. From lending me a hand when "walking the plank" at St. George's club to climbing over the giant tires to get on and off the pier, they are always right there to lend a hand. What a super group of people!

Actually, all of these yachtsmen are special. It is a group of people who have stepped out of the box and are doing things about which others only talk! I am priveldged to be part of this! 

The rain is starting to blow in sideways, so it is time to brace ourselves for the brunt of it. The walk back to the boat after the rum tasting party will be rather wet!                                                                                                                 

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