Sunday, March 13, 2011

Moving on to Cane Garden Bay, Tortola

Just across the water from Little Jost Van Dyke lies another lovely beach at Cane Garden Bay. This is another good beach for swimming, walking, sunning and enjoying music and drinks.

In this bay, there are a number of restaurant bars where one has a happy hour with live music each night. Then another one has live music after dinner. To keep peace in the community, the entertainment rotates through the seven establishments. So there is always fun somewhere every night of the week!

The pelicans provide great entertainment here as they spend all light hours diving for fish. I mean flying high and diving straight down into the water! It is amazing how much energy they spend just catching food to provide them energy. Talk about being on a treadmill!

The Callwood rum distillery on Tortola, BVI
Dennis and I walked through the streets of the community and found the only surviving working rum distillery on the island. They are the only ones who produce their rum from sugar cane. It has been in the Callwood family for over 200 years.

I am not a rum expert, but my Captain claims the rum that has been aged for 10 years is the smoothest he has ever had. The distillers claim you don't get a headache from it since there are no additives! I think I could get one just by having too much to drink, but I did not test the my theory!

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  1. Sherry,

    Just ran into Dennis at church and we talked for a good twenty minutes
    and from what he tells me guys have really enjoyed yourselves. I am so happy for you two. Safe travels and "fair winds and following seas"

    Regards, Tony


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