Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Exploring Norman Island and The Bight with Family

When we leave Nanny Cay, we usually head straight across Sir Francis Drake Channel to The Bight at Norman Island. It is a short sail and it gives us time to provision in the morning and be off the dock around noon. It is important to get to The Bight early as it is a popular mooring spot for overnight - especially with the week-long warriors on the charter boats. (Boy, it would be nice if they knew - or at least demonstrated that they knew - the rules of the water "road!" You can't count on them to miss you even if you are in the right!)

The Famous Willie T's
The Bight is the home of Willie T's Bar. It is a floating establishment of many years. In its heyday, those who jumped off the stern naked or nearly naked received a special tee shirt. It This is not the case today as I have not seen or hear any big splashes! And certainly no one is lining up to view any great happenings!
The last time we were there it was too rough with winds gusting over 25 knots. Joan and Larry weren't really interested in a dingy ride in rough water to get a drink. I think they were afraid of being "in the drink!" It was their first day on the boat and still getting adjusted to the swaying, etc. We are  there again with my sister Vicki and her husband Larry. This time we had a fun night aboard Willie T's: music, dancing and Painkillers!

Dennis was interested in the posted sign prohibiting jumping or diving off the bar boat. He even photographed it for someone who fondly recalls participating is such activities at a much younger and daring age. Probably the real story now is that someone go hurt and the authorities put an end to the jumping! We will have to pursue that angle. And today you just buy your Willie T's shirt!

Sunset at the Bight, Norman Island
We have moored at The Bight a couple of times and have enjoyed the sunsets over St. John, US VI. Out of curiosity, I googled "bight" to see the definition: a loop in a rope; a wide bay formed by a bend in the shoreline. I am satisfied with those two definitions. They seem nautical enough.

There is not a lot to do at the Bight. You can hike a trail up to the top. The Pirate's Bight Restaurant in onshore on a nice beach.And there are shallow areas for snorkeling. Around Treasure Point, you can visit the Caves. It is also a good overnight if you are planning to go to Pelican Island and the Indians which only allows daytime anchoring.
The wind really funnels down through the valley in the mountain of Norman Island and can make you feel like you are on the high seas. Thank goodness for mooring balls! Otherwise, you would be up all night checking your anchor hold. Usually the winds are less when you get back out into the channel in the morning.

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