Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Heading Out to Explore with Friends - Leg 3

One of the many rock formations at the Baths
Upon leaving Marina Cay, we motored over to the Baths on the south end of Virgin Gorda. Anchoring in the immediate area is no longer allowed due to the efforts to protect the coral reefs. Since we had not purchased a BVI National ParksTrust permit, we could not pick up a mooring ball. Actually, it is very difficult to find one available as boaters arrive very early in the morning to get one. Even though there is a 90 minute time limit on the mooring balls, it doesn't seem to be enforced.

We saw several large vessels anchored there. One of these is an unknown make to us. It was huge and looked like an office building on top of pontoons! Check out the photo of this strange looking vessel. On the port (left) side, it has a "garage door" that opens for a rather large tender (as in 25+ feet and two 250 hp engines! This is by far the most unusual looking vessel we have ever seen.

We also saw a Hobie Cat race coming from Peter Island to Virgin Gorda with colorful sails. They looked so tiny in the distance that we thought they were windsurfers. Even when they got up close, the 18' cats looked like little toys next to the other yachts. I couldn't imagine sailing in such big waters on an 18' boat!

We continued on to Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour to dock for the night. A trip to the Baths was a must for Joan and Larry so we hopped an open air taxi. The taxi drops you off at the top of the Baths where there is a restaurant called The Top of the Baths! It is actually operated by a relative of one of Dennis' young associate lawyers. Unfortunately, the family wasn't there to say "hello." The view from their terrace was spectacular. Then comes the long walk down, a trip through The Devil's Bay Trail and then the long climb back to the top.

Larry & Skipperette at the Top of the Baths
All the way down, I was dreading the walk back up as I have done it before.

                                                                                         Dennis stayed behind at the marina to do some legal work as we had been to the Baths several years ago. He does try to get a few hours of work in each day, maintaining contact with clients and his office.

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  1. Dennis,

    This is the Stealth boat you were mentioning earlier, WOW...looks like something out of a James Bond movie. Very unique, I can see you have had some great fun, I'm enjoying the blog.

    Thanks, safe travels....



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