Saturday, October 16, 2010

Going from Land to Sea: A Cozy Space

Here is a quick tour of our new digs. It is cozy and no room for "stuff." In a wonderful way, living aboard is a simplified lifestyle. At the same time it has its challenges: not enough room for some tasks, need to move at least three things to get to what you want, tests your memory to recall where you stowed everything, etc.

We have three cabins and two heads (bathrooms) with showers. Here is our cabin. We each have a closet (hanging locker) that is about 12" wide and 4.5' high. I now know the meaning of "packing lightly!" Actually, you end up wearing the same few clothes again and again. We even have a washing machine onboard!

The main saloon - say "salon" - don't know why they spell in like a watering hole except that probably a lot of drinking takes place here. I will have to see how that works for me! There is a liquor/wine cabinent in the center of that table you see here. Convenient, huh?

The galley is very "compact" but efficient. That is if you like moving four things to get to what you want. And, of course, everyone drops "things" on the tiny counter space that I have at the bottom of the companion way!

If you come to visit, you can have your choice of two cabins: the forward V-berth or the port double bunk cabin. It is cozy, but ... It is a sailboat. after all. And not the Ritz!

Then there is the "heart" of it all: the Navigation Station! This is the most important area as it has all of the electronic andcommunication equipment. We have added a few new "toys" to make our offshore adventures safer. There is a lot to learn to get the maximum benefit from them. Some of it is going to be en route training as we just need to use it to get more proficient.

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