Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Leg: Herrington Harbor North, MD to Hampton, VA

Bright (well, bright by the light of the full moon) and early we left the dock at Herrington Harbor North in Tracey's Landing, MD. We had said our "thank yous" to the wonderful crew at Free State Yachts who have been our Maryland family for the last year and a half. We can't say enough about their customer service and great hospitality while Trillium spent more time in their "backyard" than in the water.

We had a little bon voyage cocktail party with Roger, Liz and hubby Bill, Scott and Amy plus one of our crew members, Stuart, and his wife Sondra. It is very nice of Sondra to loan us Stuart for a couple of weeks.

Stuart, Sondra & Amy

After a fun evening with all of them, we crashed into bed with the alarm set for 4 AM. We were up and pulling away from the dock at 5 AM in the black of the night guided with light of a beautiful full moon. We have had many nights under the Maryland full moon as we tend to be there at the right time.

A couple of hours later the sun began to rise with a long low red glow in the east while the full moon was still shining across the water in the west. It was beautiful! It is not often you can see both at the same time unobstructed. It was very cold, though.

Dennis & Roger (Mr. Hallberg-Rassy Answer Man)

The wind was brisk and the waves on the nose, but we continued south toward Virgina for in 2-3 foot seas for 12 hours. Around 4:30 PM we pulled into Little Bay off Fleet Bay just north of the Rappohannock River. We had been up that River before so we were somewhat familiar with the water there. By 5:15 PM we had anchored. Dinner was served and we crashed again! We tend to go to bed with the sunset and get up with the sunrise.
Looking west at 6 AM

Looking east at 6 AM
On Sunday we pulled out at 8 AM and motor sailed into the SSW wind all the way  to Hampton, VA which is across from Norfolk. It is a very busy shipping and naval area so we were please to pull into our slip before sunset. The wind was on the nose again but it got warmer as we went south.

In Hampton at the BluewaterYachting Center, we were greeted by Pixie, the wife of our second crew. Bob was putting his boat away and joined us shortly. Pixie, being a true southern belle, arrived with fresh baked goodies for us. The four of us went to dinner. Then in the truest expression of southern hospitality, they left one of their cars at the marina for us to use all week! Truly generous since we had just met them!  
Bob & Pixie

A couple of tired sailors!
 We are looking forward to working with our crew as we head to the BVI. It is going to be a real adventure. Sherry is still concerned about the 10-15 foot waves people are talking about!
We have a couple of days of seminars and briefings and some social gatherings and then we are off. By the way, we have been watching the windy weather back home and see it coming our way!

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