Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh! How I Miss Being on S/V Trillium!

Trillium coming into dock in West River, Maryland
I am the first to admit that I am amazed that I like being on the boat as much as I do! When Dennis first brought up the idea of retiring on a sailboat and sailing around the world (just six years ago!), I said, "Ya, you and your next wife!" Then I thought about it and decided he might take that statement too seriously! After all, a boat is a man's mistress!

I recall on my birthday in September of 2006, we were invited to sail on Lake St. Clair with friends, Bill and Deborah. I was so terrified of walking on that skinny finger pier that I could hardly get onto the boat. Then I had the death grip on the gunwales every time we heeled a little! At the same time, I was loving the wind in the face and the quiet gliding through the water.

About to pass under the Mackinaaw Bridge!
We continued to sail with our friends and Bill let me take the wheel. It is like being a passenger in a car on a wild ride v.s. being the driver - you are more comfortable when you are in control. The more I took the wheel, the faster I wanted to sail and more I wanted to heel the boat. The following summer, the four of us started the American Sailing Association series of courses.

Dennis and I continued our sailing courses and the next February I completed my ASA 106 sailing test by sailing around Tortola, BVI with the final part sailing Sir Francis Drake Channel at night down to St. John's Francis Bay. It was here we did the nighttime man-over-board drill in high winds. Dennis had taken his test in Lake Erie in cold and wild windy weather the previous fall, We stayed in the BVI's and chartered for a week with Deborah and Bill joining us.

Why does it feel like the mast is going to hit
the bridge no matter how high it really is?
Then we bought S/V Trillium and the rest is history! Most of which is posted in this blog. Our first long trip was when we sailed with Deborah and Bill from Lake St. Clair to Bay Harbor in Petosky, MI up Lake Huron through the Straits of Mackinaw and down to the marina at Bay Harbor. Then we started sailing the various rivers in the Chesapeake Bay area. And finally we took the big step and headed south to Tortola, BVI with the Caribbean 1500 in November 2010! Now that is progress in my book!

As I follow our World Cruising Club Rally communities in the Caribbean 1500 and World ARC, I really miss being on the water and hanging out with other sailors. While I sit here in cold Michigan, I keep up with them on the Fleet Trackers and various blogs. I am envious of the photos of shorts and bathing suits as I am bundled up in fleece and hat and gloves.

At least, we will have a very Merry Christmas with several of our children and grandchildren here and in London, UK this year. Next year we will be down there in the islands, too!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Healthy and Happy New Year!

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