Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not In The C 1500 Fleet- Still On The Hard!

We will miss the beautiful sunrises and sunsets!
For those of you wondering where in the world we are, let me tell you: we are right here on dry land in Michigan! Many of you were concerned about our safety during Hurricane Sandy and how S/V Trillium was handling the storm. She did just fine. Thanks for you caring concern. We appreciate it.

Actually, we are not sailing this winter. We are getting the boat ready for an "around the world in 3 years" cruise! That's right! The plan is to work through 2013, sell the house, and move on board the boat. I know some of you think I am crazy to go along with this, but I am really happy on the water. In fact, I was the one pushing to set a date and get started. (After all, we aren't getting any younger!)

Sunsets: There are never two the same.
It will take a whole year to get everything ready for this big lifestyle change. I am working on preparing the house for the Spring market. The biggest challenge is all of the "stuff!" I am selling my weaving looms and yarn (share that with anyone who might be interested in buying) and have been going through all of the "keepsakes" that have been accumulating in the attic. (My suggestion to anyone thinking of downsizing or moving: start now! It is an overwhelming job.) It took me a while to get my head around letting go of what seems to be security. And after the "stuff" my mother left for my sister and me to clear out, I want to spare my children most of that experience! (Or ... maybe they should share that experience! NO! and besides there will still be the "good stuff" that hopefully they won't sell in a garage sale!)

But we won't miss the storms and challenges they bring.
As for the 2012 Caribbean 1500, we feel left behind, but will join them next year to get the boat to the islands for the 2014 World ARC. We are following the fleet, most of whom left the Saturday and Sunday after Hurricane Sandy and before the next storm that was approaching their path. They have had some really rough weather as we have had in the past by leaving right after a hurricane. But you have to grab a weather window right after the low pressure system to get a good run out into the ocean. Once across the Gulf Stream, the weather warms up and the real fun sailing begins.

Aaahhhhh! This is the life!
Some of the fleet was stuck in the upper Chesapeake Bay and had to ride out Sandy at the docks. The part of the fleet that arrived in Hampton, VA before the storm had a lot of water with which to deal between the rain and the surge coming in the mouth of the bay from the Atlantic. BUT every Caribbean 1500 has its tales and this is another one to recall over Pain Killers at the Soggy Dollar beach bar in a few more days! Wish we were there!

Winter will be challenging after the last two in the islands. We will be dreaming of sunshine, white sand and breaking waves! I will have to whip up a batch of Pain Killers, Bushwackers or Mango Coladas from time to time while sitting in front of the fireplace watching the snow fall!

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  1. It is always a lot of fun to plan for the biggy. Enjoy. Look forward to doing a couple of legs with you two.


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