Monday, February 13, 2012

You Never Know Who Will Grab Your Lines!

Having taken the dinghy into Customs on the Marigot Bay side to check in with the French immigration, we tried to find a spot to tie up at the dinghy dock and check out the neighborhood. There was not room at the dock so we headed in another direction and found a place where it was probably illegal to tie up, but we took our chances. Just as I was reaching to grab the cleat on the wall with our line, a lady grabbed the line to assist. I said “thank you.”

And she said, “Are you Denny Day?” to Dennis. It turned out that she was a friend from Arthur Hill High School in Saginaw, MI. She still lives there and was vacationing with her husband, who was Dennis’ father’s eye doctor, and two other couples from Saginaw. In fact, one of the gals had just played bridge with Dennis’ sister-in-law, Barbara! Small world!

We had a very enjoyable lunch with them at Café de Paris. Wonderful salads! Everyone caught up on the past years and a recent class reunion Dennis missed because we were at the Annapolis Boat Show and working on the boat electronics with Paul.

Dennis took the guys out to see the boat while we gals checked out the shops and galleries.

We all agreed that the message we have told our children is true:
Mind your manners no matter where you are because you never know who you might see you and know who you are!

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  1. Goes to show you that the world is pretty small at times.


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