Sunday, February 19, 2012

Visiting the French Port of Marigot

Fort Louis Marina
Marigot is the capital of French St. Martin and sits on a beautiful sandy bay. On the ocean side, there is a large anchorage and Marina Fort Louis. There is a modern shopping mall adjacent to the marina and a small French market area along the water front. It is bustling and also duty free. The price of liquor here makes you want to load up the ship. But we are not into drinking a lot, so we will leave it here! Grey Goose lovers will die when they hear how inexpensive it is here! Absolute is cheaper than water! Rum is not as popular as it is in the Virgin Islands.

Interesting fountain at Fort Louis Marina
We walked to Marina Fort Louis looking for a fuel dock. Apparently they bring fuel trucks to the dock to fill the yachts rather than having tanks. I guess when the many super-yachts fuel up you need a truck full!

A trip though the shopping mall reminded me of the skinny French girls! The clothes were a little too chic and trendy for me. Dennis found a great pair of surfing trunks – or whatever they call them these days! He will be so stylish!

One of our favorite finds is the French patisserie, La Boulangerie Parisienne, and its French baguettes and croissants. Yumm! “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou …” We had a wonderful dinner at a French restaurant on the dock. What is it about eating outside under a starlit night along the water! It makes a gal drink too much wine! Then climb into a dinghy?

There are market areas throughout the islands where locals sell a variety of things: clothing, souvenirs, hats, tee shirts, and who knows what all. They tend to pop up on week-ends. And they seem to be prepared for the daily rains!

Internet on board the boat has been non-existent here. Apparently the huge yachts and all of their equipment create such interference that the signals do not travel into the bays or lagoon. It is even advised that if you subscribe to the local service and pay that you may not get a connection. It is easier – although inconvenient – to go ashore and take the computer in a water-proof bag. Once again having a virtual office is more challenging that we had envisioned! We did find McDonald’s on the Dutch side – not for the food, but for the Internet connection! Thank you, Mickey D’s!

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