Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sleep: Grab It When & Wherever You Can!

Who's driving?
Sleeping on board can be challenging - especially during a crossing. Everyone has his or her own bunk or bed. Some are better than others in various situations. For example, the forward cabin has two really comfortable beds. However, the ride up there can be nasty in heavy seas. At least you can choose whichever side of the cabin where you would roll into the wall instead of onto the floor!

Bob grabs an afternoon nap on deck.
Note that he snuggled in on the low side.
The center cabin has two bunk beds. With their lee-cloths up, they are very secure. And being in the center of the boat, they are not a bouncy as the forward cabin when the waves are high. It is a smaller space so it gets rather cozy. But when you come off watch and are exhausted, who cares! Both of these cabins have the advantage of being far away from the engine and generator, too.

Larry snagged the same spot later.
Sherry is  bracing herself on the high side!
Our aft cabin is very comfortable with it's queen-plus bed. The lee-cloth hangs in the middle to keep one from rolling all the way across to the other side when the boat is heeling. It can be rolly depending on the waves, but not as bouncy. However, it is noisy when the engine or generator are running. Again, we are usually so tired that it doesn't matter. During a long period of motoring, the engine noise can become annoying. 

Even in the salon you need to hang on while sleeping
As a result, the best place that everyone tries to grab in on the settee in main salon. That is, if the heel is working for you. There is a lee-cloth for that location, too. Since it is dead center of the boat, it has the least amount of motion. 

Several times people tried sleeping on the floor of the main salon, but the side-to-side rock caused too much motion for sleep. On a nice day, the aft deck was a good location - as long as you had on your life vest and your tether was attached to the jacklines.As a result, we slept anywhere and everywhere we could manage!

Or tether yourself in place!

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