Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good Night Moon!

Leaving the BVI for Anguilla
By the time Dennis finished cleaning the barnacles, it was time to head through Round Rock Passage and down to Anguilla. This was our first overnight sail with just the two of us. I have to admit that I was a bit anxious about the whole idea. Fortunately, there was a big, bright and beautiful full moon that rose in front of us and set behind us in the morning.

Other than five cruise ships at a distance passing between the Virgin Islands and St. Martin, we had the Sombrero Passage to ourselves. I was doing quite well on the first watch while Dennis slept in the cockpit. It was beautiful. I was sitting directly under the Big Dipper and it seemed close enough to touch. The sky was brilliant with stars. The breeze was warm and the winds 15-20 knots. The only negative was that they were on our nose so we motored. My watch was uneventful – thankfully!

Serving dinner in a "doggy bowl" under way.
Then I went below for a few minutes before taking my turn to rest. That was a mistake. Sea sickness hit me! And I was over the rail much of the night! I took my second watch while hugging a winch and facing downwind! Not a pretty sight! I hadn’t even thought about sea sickness and forgot to pre-medicate for it. Shame on me! 

It was a welcome site to see land and the sunshine when we dropped our anchor. I still did not feel like eating for another 48 hours. Next time I will be smarter - I hope!

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