Sunday, October 8, 2017

More Lobster and a Beautiful Bay

The dinghy dock inside the tunnel.

Having cleared out of Grenada in Carriacou, we had to stop at Clifton on Union Island to clear into St. Vincent and The Grenadines as it is a different country. Dennis took a water taxi to shore, then hiked to the airport to do the paperwork while Bob and Merc scouted out dinner places. We ended up at The Waterfront (pizza wasn’t great!) and spent the night in the harbor at anchor. it isn't a very exciting place, but we needed a place to stay for the night

Dinner in Clifton
The following morning we motored across to Palm Island. Palm Island is a privately-owned island with a fancy resort now, but Bob’s parents had had a home there for 20 some years and he had not been back since it was sold. At first, it seemed as if they were not going to let us come ashore and look around. 

The beautiful beach at Palm Island!
Upon hearing Bob's story and mentioning his mother’s name (apparently, she was quite a character), the manager alerted the guards that we would be walking to the other side of the island to see the old place. Of course, it has been replaced with a lovely new villa, but the setting was the same and Bob shared a few stories while Dennis and I swung in a seaside hammock. I could have stayed there all day.

We “paid” for our visit with a few cold drinks at the beach bar and the purchase of a few tee shirts and souvenirs from the gift shop. We all wanted to swim on the beautiful beach, but we thought we would be asking too much so we passed on it. It is definitely a resort to check out if you are looking for a tropical paradise. (I later read that guests visiting the island for a meal can swim on the beautiful beach and that we could have stayed on the mooring ball overnight. Delta. Alpha. Mike. November. Why don't I think to read the details before we go ashore?)

The family's beach. Lots of memories.

It was time to move on to Chatham Bay on the west side of Union Island as we wanted to have lobster on the beach at Seckie & Vanessa’s Sun Beach & Eats place. It has been mentioned as the best lobster in the Caribbean and highly recommended by fellow cruisers.

Sun Beach & Eat is one of those open-air restaurants, rugged in typical island-style. We loved it there. The swing was a big hit with Merc. We took our own Sundowners ashore (not sure that was the correct thing to do as they have a bar, but no one commented). We enjoyed the beach chairs and watching the sunset while waiting for dinner.

And we were not disappointed! It was a great meal and very filling. Everything was fresh and homemade. Seckie’s has a secret sauce and it was wonderful. Vanessa works in the kitchen in the back to create the other dishes and dessert. We will return! Maybe on our way back down to Grenada where we will store the boat for hurricane season.

The bay has a nice sandy beach for walking and a reef along the northern wall for snorkeling. We saw a number of beautiful blue sea stars on the white sand below the boat. I love their deep blue color. There isn't that much blue in nature so it makes it more special.

Vanessa asked if we had any clothing that we would like to get off the boat as they could use anything we didn’t want. Of course, we did! I had been stowing a bag for give-away as I know how little the island people have. Some of my shoes had run their course and the soles are too slippery for the deck and some of my clothes had seen a better day so off they went to shore for her family. I will continue to collect things for them as we will go there for another meal next year.

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