Monday, August 8, 2016

Heading Home!

Stepping the newly rigged mast at The Boat Works
It has been a long time since we have been home to see family and friends. I am in need of some "Grammy Hugs" from a special granddaughter and half of our brood of grandsons. It is especially emotionally challenging when it is holiday time or special occasions like birthdays, recitals, etc. to be away. Not only are the flights long and expensive, but putting the boat on the hard for several months brings a whole new set of costs and chores.

Checking out the rigging
Following our trip to Australia's Outback, we sailed north to Mackay where we would meet up with the World ARC 2016-17 fleet at the end of July. With the new rigging and everything else we did to S/V Trillium at The Boat Works in Coomera, we were satisfied that she was ready to cross the Indian Ocean. The plan was to get to Mackay, put her on the hard and fly to the USA for two months.

With a slight challenge with the weather, we were able to accomplish that goal. Unfortunately, we did not get to spend time in several places along the way because the winter winds were too strong.

Sunrise over the Great Barrier Reef
We had not planned to go to Bundaberg once we learned that some friends from the Isle of Mann who we were hoping to see had sold their yacht and had gone home. However, Mother Nature decided that we would spend four nights in the Bundaberg Marina during a big blow!

This is really smooth sailing! Actually, it's motoring!

Sunset within the Great Barrier Reef

As a result, we did not get to stop at several beautiful islands as planned. We anchored off the northwest end of Fraser Island, but did not go ashore. Apparently that was a good thing as we later learned there were salt water crocodiles there.

Once the blow was over, the wind subsided and, of course, we had to motor through the islands inside the Great Barrier Reef. We found comfortable anchorages, but didn't have time to linger and go ashore.

I am pleased to say that my mal de mare issues have subsided somewhat. In addition to medication, I tried something new and it appears to be helping. I had read this in a sailing magazine and I must say it looks a little odd. Who cares if it keeps my stomach and head settled! What is it? Placing an earplug in your non-dominate ear! I will continue to test the theory, but it has worked for the last 800 nm!

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