Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Now For A Big Walk-About

Whew! I made it to the top! I later learned what it cost me!
Hiking is not my favorite thing to do. Climbing rocks is my least favorite thing to do. But sometimes one has to grin and bear it in order to see the sites in nature!

The next adventure was a trek around the rim of Kings Canyon. There was an easier walk at the base, but everyone said the rim walk at sunrise was spectacular. So once again we were on a bus at 5 AM! Not much sleep on this vacation. But these sites close in the afternoon due to the extreme heat. It was well into the high nineties most days. Of course, they say "but it is dry heat." To me, heat is heat! And I am not a fan of it.

The guide said the toughest part of this tour was the first 500 steps. They went straight up the canyon wall - no switchback paths. Just straight up on the rocks. No handrails. No trees to grab. It was challenging with my sciatic nerve issue. If it had not been for Dennis and a Canadian we met, I would not have made it!

And according to Mike's GPS pedometer gizmo, it was 900 steps up! Don't always believe the guide who makes the trek several times a week. In fact, Mike sent me these statistics:

Distance 6.3 km (up and around the rim, then down)

Average speed 2.4 km per hour (I am sure I was the drag!)

Max elevation 758 m

Ascent 282 m, or we averaged it to about 900 steps (who said it was only 500?)

Was it worth the climb? Once I regained my breath and got my legs to stop shaking, I was able to look around in awe! With the sun rising on the red and golden rocks, it was amazing! It is our new favorite sight to remember here. The rock formations were spectacular. As was the patterns and textures of Mother Nature.

There is not much commentary for this trek as it was just the breathtaking views. Enjoy the photos:

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