Sunday, November 15, 2015

Can't Get Enough of this Beautiful Place!

I have found heaven on earth!
I don't think I ever want to leave here! Atoll d'Ouvea is so beautiful and peaceful. I don't think I would get bored for a long time even though there is nothing to do but soak it all in. Walks on the beach are the best.

I can't walk without searching for seashells, always looking for a special one! I do collect them, but I doubt if I can make it through Australia and the USA with them in hand. We will see.

The burial caves are below the trees in the center of the
photo across the lagoon.
Dennis and I enjoyed several long beach walks. Our anchorage is located in an area where you cross the road behind the resort and you are at another lagoon. This one is Baie de Lekiny and it is off limits! There is a serious current flowing in and out under the bridge, but more importantly, the sacred burial grounds are located on the eastern shore. There is a guided tour available around this bay, but we did not take it.

Apparently when someone dies, they are placed in their canoe and sent into the numerous caves located across the lagoon. Many native rituals require that visitors not tread on sacred grounds. We respect that custom. 
Our view from the bridge of the boys' camera set up.
Then we walked past it and around the point.

On our walk, we came upon a woman who was screaming and rolling around on the road just before the one lane bridge. At the time, we did not know what was happening. Later, after finding out about the burial grounds, we believe she had lost someone close to her and she was mourning. Other than one woman with her, everyone else left her alone, but protected her from approaching vehicles. We then assumed this is a wailing wall of sorts. Actually, it is a view across the lagoon to the caves.

A picture is worth a thousand words ...
At the bridge, we came upon three young men having fun! They had a video camera set up on the beach and they were filming themselves jumping off the bridge. This is the same bridge where they warn about the strong current! Boys will be boys!

We walked along the Baie de Lekiny lagoon one way and back along the Muli beach. The sand is like superfine sugar - so soft. I am not even sure it would make a good drizzle sand castle. It doesn't hold together.

I just can't get enough of this beautiful sand and cerulean blue water. It truly is indescribable. You have to see it to really know what I mean. It literally overwhelms me at times with the beauty. This is my most favorite place in the world. Unfortunately, I think Dennis will get bored with it too soon. Then it will be time to move on.

Catch of the day - for me!
In the meantime, I will just keep walking the beach and collecting seashells. And dreaming of jewelry I could make with them!

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