Saturday, August 8, 2015

Ahhhh! Happy to Be in Fiji Again

AAHHH! Nice to be back at Vuda Marina!
The sail from Ha'apai, Tonga was amazingly fast. And the sails were reefed the whole trip! The wind was in the high teens and twenties with gusts to thirty. The swells ranged from 4-8 feet. The conditions overall were good - sunny, warm, etc. Just fast and bumpy. For me, it was the old mal de mare issue. I wish I could get a handle on it, but it always wins. Delta, Alpha, Mike, November!

I am not sure when we actually arrived in Fiji - Saturday or Sunday. I assumed it was Sunday as we crossed from 174W to 178E, passing over the international dateline at 180 degrees. However, I now know it was Saturday. The actual change in date has a very crooked line and doesn't really happen at 180 degrees.

This was the most interesting sunset ever!
Concerned that we might have Customs and Immigration issues for arriving too early and not checking in until Monday, we spent two nights on the quarantine ball. Our anchor and feet never touched their ground until cleared by BioSecurity and Health officers on Monday. Fortunately, we did not have any issues clearing in. Whew!

The welcome at Vuda Marina is always joyous. The staff comes to the Customs pontoon to sing their Fijian welcoming song. I love the staff here and it was heartwarming to see them all on the pontoon. It felt like we were coming home!

Trillium looking good with a fresh bottom!
Things have changed some. Millie's store in the marina has been closed by the management. This is very disappointing as there is no store at all now! The store was run by the local women who supply produce from their village cooperative. Therefore, there is no ice cream, ice, eggs, meat or cold drinks or beer available.

Being enterprising women, Millie and her staff have set up a little roadside stand just outside the marina gates! Three cheers for them! I will support them every day we are here! She cooks rotis in the morning and caters several lunch entrees at noon! Marina staff and yachties show up for lunch! Millie, you go, Girl! 

And I get to have my favorite latte again. There is water
in the saucer under the sugar to keep the ants out. Clever idea.
It is said that you can't go back again. There is some truth in that the second time around is not as magical. Things change. People come and go. So it is never the same! This time I am missing our World ARC friends that were here with us last year. We had such fun with Merc and Bob with the Merc's special birthday night at First Landing. Unfortunately, the gate to the resort is still locked so we won't be going there as often. To bad because their food is very good and the music is great. I guess we know it is time to move to new areas while we still cherish the memories of the past.

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