Sunday, October 19, 2014

Vacationing in Fiji

Some  R& R on Nananu-i-Ra island at the Safari Island Resort
I am sure you must think we are always vacationing. However, that isn't quite true. You see just because we are living on a sailing yacht, it doesn't mean we are vacationing. There is a lot of work to do just to maintain the boat, keep communications working, manage finances from afar, and much, much more.

When sailing with the World ARC, we are on the move a lot. By the time you reach the next port of call, check in, do maintenance and provisioning, there is a little time left to sightsee and enjoy the nice events they have planned. But then it is time to move on as the schedule is predetermined by the world weather patterns.

Just hanging around the beach.
It was always our plan to drop out and spend at least a year in the South Pacific. There are so many places to see here. It is also beautiful with great weather. Yes, we have had some cool days and downright chilly nights because it is winter in the Southern Hemisphere. It is like going to Florida in December and January: warmer than Michigan, but not really beach weather everyday.
Other World ARC friends are also at Musket Cove Yacht
Club: Donna & Jonathon, Joyce & John and Elizabeth &
Martin. We will all be heading to Vanuatu soon.
Right now we are spending a lot of time in Fiji. It is a great place. Wonderful people and many islands to visit. Currently we are at Musket Cove where there is a marina and lovely resort. As members of the Musket Cove Yacht Club, we can use the resort facilities. And we have an open account for charges at the restaurants, bars and activities center. It is a great place to hang out.

Yup! That's the Captain getting his sea legs on the board.

Dennis has taken up the sport of wind surfing. And he is doing quite well. He goes out for an hour each day and his progress is impressive. I have a feeling there will be a wind surf board at Pointe aux Barques when we return! The nice think is that he can do it alone as my back just would hold up to it.

The beach here at Musket Cove is beautiful. There have been two weddings already this week and it is only Wednesday. At the other point to the South, there is another resort so not only does it give a place to which we can walk, it also has several restaurants and beach bars. Variety is good. After awhile, the menus all start to look alike!

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