Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bora Bora: a Chance to Pause

We have seen beautiful sunrises and sunsets for months now. I have to say that the sunset over Baie of Faanui here in Bora Bora was the most breath-taking to date. I kept taking photos as it was like a motion picture in the western sky. Each shift of the clouds brought another frame of beauty. Enjoy these photos that hardly capture the real color scheme.

Barb and Joe left for the airport a few hours earlier so I hope they were able to see the sunset from Motu Mute where the airport is located before their flight took off. We had a great time with them. It is always nice to spend some time with family - especially when we are so far away from them. Now several family members understand our current lifestyle.

Our next visitors from the USA will be Sondra and Stuart White from Annapolis. They arrive in July when we reach Fiji. Stuart has sailed with us a couple of times. It will be the four of us for about three weeks. I will be sending my "please bring" list to them soon. Barb and Joe brought Crest Regular toothpaste and AA batteries. I can't find Crest anywhere out here. Almost every crew joining has brought boat gifts like, Dewars and maraschino cherries, more batteries, various treats and items requested, boat accessories they thought we could use. It is like Christmas each time someone arrives!

Yacht Club of Bora Bora (It is really a restaurant
 and not a club!)
We spent several hours at the Yacht Club of Bora Bora on the Internet. It was actually a fast connection so we could accomplish what we needed to do online. We always need to check on financial things. Rebecca at Chase has been great at resolving banking concerns. Unfortunately, AAA has been not so easy and I have been a member and had insurance there since I got my first car! Handling business from afar with poor Internet and no phone is challenging.

Typical means of transportation in Bora Bora
We had quite a storm one night and were up adjusting the anchor and keeping watch for a while. We seem to have caught up to or gotten between some unstable weather systems. The clouds hang over the islands so short showers are common. But we have had some heavy rains with high winds. That makes living on the hook more challenging!

After we picked up the laundry from the Yacht Club, we headed toward the Mai Kai Marina to find a mooring ball. Since it is the weekend (we always seem to arrive on Friday), we can't get anyone to look at the outboard motor until Monday. Hopefully it just needs an adjustment and we will have our "chariot" back. We (Dennis mostly) have been rowing or paddling to shore.

A view of the harbor from the infinity pool!
The WARC events will be held at the Mai Kai, which is a wonderful place with great service. They are most helpful in every way. Once again it will be nice to be together as a group since we have had a free cruising period since we left Tahiti. It is fun to hear where everyone else has been and what they have experienced.

We have also enjoyed the Mai Kai Marina's  wonderful infinity swimming pool. It is so nice to be in a fresh water pool!

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