Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Time to Play!

Aahhh! Feels so good!
Sailing is actually quite a bit of work. We are busy all of the time. So when we reach an anchorage, it is time to rest up and have some fun. This usually entails a swim off the stern of the boat – assuming we are in a clean water area and no sharks!

It feels so good to let your whole body cool down. I am not a fan of heat and sun so I am always too warm here in the tropics. I am sure it is going to get more uncomfortable for me when we get closer to the equator!

Just hanging out to cool off!
It doesn’t seem to matter how often one showers, the salt air and hot sun just causes you to bead up with perspiration. Then there is the slimy feel of the salt on your skin and everything you touch. 

Even though we wash the boat down regularly, the stainless steel and glass area are still covered with salt from the spray and the moist air. We can only give the boat a fresh water cleaning when we are in a marina. So we endure the salt crystals on the windshield and stainless steel. Even the cockpit cushions feel damp with the salt air. And the lines are stiff with salt.

Who couldn't relax here!
It is always nice to get to an anchorage where there is a beautiful sandy beach or a reef for snorkeling. Sometimes we just swim ashore and others we land the dinghy somewhere and go for a walk. I do wonder is after a while that all beaches will start to look alike. The water lapping on the sand is such a relaxing sound. I don't ever tire of it. So far the islands have been distinctively different. Time will tell.
Or here?


  1. It is quiet the adventure and it looks like all is going well.

  2. I just saw your blog from a link posted by Fair Winds Sailing. I am doing a Bare Boat Course next week. Live the dream I'm sure you've worked hard for it, so enjoy. I will look forward to your posts

  3. I saw your link from the Fair Winds site. Enjoy your trip, Im sure youve worked hard for it, so enjoy


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