Tuesday, October 15, 2013

40 Days of Rain & Our "Ark"

This is Herrington Harbour North in Tracy's Landing
at noon! Note the dock lights are on because it is so dark!
We just spent four days (it seemed like 40) in Annapolis preparing for our departure to Portsmouth, VA, for the start of the ARC Caribbean 1500 Rally to Tortola. Unfortunately, the weather was a disaster - four solid days of rain. This did not make loading the provisions and equipment pleasant! It also rained most of the 10-hour drive back home as well as a good portion of the drive to Maryland. We felt like drowned rats all week-end. All of the shipping boxes were a soggy mess and our clothes were wet.

Sherry, Paul from WCC and Dennis at Annapolis Boat Show

And it was a mess for the Annapolis Sail Boat Show. Usually it is a perfect fall weekend for the show. As a result of the sloppy weather, we only spent four hours there, but we accomplished everything on our list. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as we were not tempted to purchase more "stuff!" Trillium is filled to the gunwales and there are still items that need stowing.

We had a chance to meet the World ARC coordinator, Paul, and talk with him and Jeremy about the two rallies. We also reconnected with Mia and Andy who run the ARC Caribbean 1500 Rally.

Stowing everything become a real challenge.
In many cases, it is putting a square peg in a round hole
 that doesn't have any depth!
I am sure I have too many clothes on board! Since I really don't know what I will need, I am taking what I want. Worse case scenario is that I give it away or throw it away en route. The choice is get rid of it later, or get rid of it now as I clear out the house. As crunch-time comes closer, it is easier to let things go.

The packers came to the house today and the movers come on Thursday. I didn't realize how much artwork we have! The furniture is padded and wrapped and ready for the truck. So reality is setting in: the house is sold and we are on our way to somewhere. I am sure I should have gotten ride of more "stuff" in the house instead of packing it up. It is just such an overwhelming process. And just how do we collect so much?

Someone recently asked me if I was going to collect some thing at each stop or bring gifts to the grandchildren from each country. The answer is NO! I am not gathering more stuff for anyone! My dear mother did the gifting thing for years and that is partially why I have so much stuff. Furthermore, a lot of it is meaningless to the receiver because he or she wasn't there to connect with the experience.
This is the path we will follow with the
addition of going to New Zealand.
I have lovely things from all the places she visited as well as from all of our travels, so unless it is really special, it is not coming back with me. (Dennis will be happy to hear that!) The other problem with it is that it is hard to part wish certain items because Mom gave it to me. So Kids, I am not going to do that to you!
In 10 days we will be homeless and unemployed! For us, it is a good thing. Although it is a little scary, but we all come to the point of retirement. Except most stay put in their comfortable homes and play golf and have dinner with friends. My clubs are staying here and dinners will be with new friends and enjoying sunsets somewhere in the world.

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