Monday, May 6, 2013

We Are On The Count Down Now!

How could I not visit places like this! (St. Barth)
The dream is coming to a reality faster than ever now! In less than six months we sail away! We are on the count down and what we have yet to do is becoming overwhelming!

I finished my last International Leadership session with my favorite group last week. And then I told them I was officially retired. Yes, I used the "R" word that I had been dreading! A few months ago I wasn't ready to say the word out loud. What happened?

Dreaming of the cruising life - but not yet retired!
Soon though!
Everyone says that you will know when the time is right. The time was very right! I am more excited about learning about all the places we will visit than designing another training program. I started my business 23 years ago. At the time, I wasn't even sure it would be viable. I was amazed when I made the five year mark - and again at the 10 year mark! The next 13 years flew by as I was busy doing what I love to do: share what I have learned and watch others grow with it. It has been very rewarding to work with the most interesting and enthusiastic business leaders! And the added benefit is that I learned and grew right along with them.

Now what!? The house is on the market, a lot of stuff has been given away and I am clearing out office files, shelves of resource materials and training programs. Even though it is hard to let all of my work creations go, I know I do not intend to use them again. It is time!

She is teaching Grand D to use an iPad!
Not everyone is excited about our upcoming adventure. Our six year old granddaughter asked: "Grammy, why does Grand D have to take you on his dream trip?" It is hard for her to comprehend that I want to go. She thinks I should be here for her birthday! I guess it is a matter of priorities- and right now our priority is to have a great adventure before time runs out!

As I have always told my training classes: life is full of choices; make some! And we have! So we will be missing her birthday! We will all have to use Skype and our iPads to stay in touch! And when she learns to swim, she can come sail with us.

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