Tuesday, February 5, 2013

So Much Planning To Do!

It is freezing cold here in Michigan. I mean zero degrees with a -15 degree windchill! I don't think I will be running any errands today! So that means it is a great day to dig into some of the many books we have for planning our around-the-world cruise. (Thankfully, it is too cold to work in the attic.)

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One of my biggest challenges is planning for provisioning of food and menus to keep a happy crew. I also have to consider the amount of stock to store for the various lengths of passages. We understand that once we reach Australia, they will take most of our food off the boat! So I want to have enough to get there, but not too much that I would lose. It is a roll of the dice: how much will we all eat in the number of days from place to place. And who wants to spend time provisioning at each stop when I could be enjoying the sights and people on the islands.

The Boat Galley just arrived from Amazon yesterday and I found myself reading until midnight. Even though it is a cookbook, it is full of helpful information on planning, provisioning, stowing food and galley equipment. I also have Amanda Swan Neal's The Essential Galley Companion and have used it on board in the past. Actually, I would love to talk with her as she has the sister boat to ours and I can't figure out where she stores everything she lists as having on board!

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I have looked through Cruising Cuisine, but I don't think it is for me: too many kitchen items to stow. The recipes also appear to use a lot of ingredients that we won't have access to offshore and the recipes call for long cooking times which consumes too much propane. It is probably a great one for large yachts with more power and bigger galleies.  I think I will return it.

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I have debated with myself as whether or not to get a pressure cooker. They use less fuel to cook items that need longer times in an oven; and because they have a secure lid, it can be safer.They do take up a lot of storage space so I would have to give up a thing or two. I have been told that the modern pressure cookers are much safer than the one I recall from childhood. I have always been afraid of them because I got burned by the steam - or something. I don't remember the details - just that it was an awful experience! I have also been told you need to practice with them before you get on board. So I will have to make that decision soon so I can cook up a storm at home!

In the meantime, I have a lot of good reading in front of the fire. And I can cook to my heart's content in a full kitchen while trying to picture myself in a tiny boat galley. Oh, ya! I will also have to practice doing it at a 15 degree angle and pretend that I am being thrown around! So I am off with my books, a blanket, a cup of hot chocolate and a biscotti ...

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