Thursday, April 28, 2011

There Is Always Something ...

Having been back in cold and snowy Michigan for a few weeks made us appreciate the time we have had sailing this winter. Since we are both still working full time, it is necessary to make the trip home periodically. In some ways, it is good to get out of the sun for a while. That makes it even more special when we return!

The Captain worked all night and is now in Miami airport!
Getting out of town again is always challenging. Even though you know you have a departure date well ahead of time, it seems like you can never get things done until the last minute. I was pretty well organized and ready to go. Dennis had his office and docket under control - as much as he can - but as usual things went south. He managed to work in his office all day and night on Good Friday, getting home at 3:30 am on Saturday morning. Our flight was 7 am and the car was picking us up at 5 am!

We have also decided we don't like the trip via Miami, San Juan and Beef Island, Tortola. It takes over 12 hours with layovers in Miami and San Juan. When you fly into St. Thomas, US VI via Miami, the only drawback is getting there in time to catch the last ferry to Tortola. The actual travel time is a little shorter so this will be our preferred route.

We are on board Trillium preparing for the Atlantic Cup Rally to Bermuda. We leave on Sunday and the weather looks great. It should be a nice sail to Bermuda - about 850 miles. After that it is going to be "iffy" depending on the spring storms on the mainland.

A man of many talents.
Even though we have most things in order, there are always adjustments and repairs. This gives Dennis an opportunity to learn new skills! If he signed up to be a marine mechanics "go-fer", he would learn a lot. He is getting pretty good at fixing heads (i.e. toilets) and shower pumps. No matter what task you do, you have to move 30 things and trash the whole boat in the process. It seems like an endless job of pulling things out and restowing them. At least it keeps your mind fresh with your spare parts inventory!

I am busy pre-cooking pasta, rice and meats to reduce the time I have to stand at a 20 degree angle trying to prepare meals in the galley. It makes for a very hot and steamy galley and saloon on an 89 degree day with the sun beating down outside. I was not real comfortable on the way down watching large pots swaying on the stove. Even though it is gimbled and swings with the boat, it was still scary to think about that pot coming at me full of hot food!

It is still a challenge trying to find good meat - and forget about it being cost-effective in any way! I don't recognize most of the cuts and am not sure what is really in the ground "beef." Hopefully we will catch some fish on the way north and have a couple of meals on it. The papyas and mangoes are great, but apples, pears and oranges are very expensive, sold individually. I am trying out a new market tomorrow so maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Wow! Have a safe trip back to the US. I'll keep watching your blog spot.


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