Friday, February 25, 2011

Heading Out to Explore with Friends - Leg 1

Leaving Nanny Cay behind on the way to the Bight
We left Nanny Cay Marina after preparing the boat and provisioning. With friends, Joan and Larry, on board, our plan is to do the S/VTrillium BVI Circle Tour! That is, we will take our time to visit the "must see" places and find a few new ones as we circle Tortola, catching a number of islands surrounding it.

Our first overnight was at the Bight, Norman Island, where the famous Willie T's Bar floats at anchor - and has for years. The wind was 18-22 knots while sailing, but the gusts over the mountain and into the Bight reached well over 30 kt. at times. No one was eager to venture into the dingy to go ashore or have a drink at Willie T's. The Captain and I had gone ashore the week before to check out Pirates' Bight for a future dinner. Not needed this time. Too rough!

One night at the Bight was ENOUGH this time, anyway given the strong wind pushing us around. A sail out into and west through Sir Francis Drake Channel, passing Soper's Hole on the West End, led us to the north side of Tortola via Thatch Island Cut. Crossing the open water, we sailed to Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke. We spent two nights on a mooring ball to give us time to explore this island and experience another evening at Foxy's.

Joan & Larry at Foxy's
 After dinner on board, we dingied into Foxy's for some entertainment. Not only music and dancing, but also people watching. If I told you what all we saw, my mother would flip in her grave. Let's leave it to a personal conversation if you really must know! As always, a good time was had a Foxy's!

During the day we visited Foxy's for tee shirts and a walk around the island village. Larry loves his cigar so he had a smoke while Joan and I listened to the jokes and songs Foxy himself was sharing with the visitors. He comes out during the day and holds "court" for a few hours. If you are lucky to be there at the right time, you are in for a real treat! He is quite a character and certainly a pillar of the island community. The music in the evening is provided by other bands with limbo, dancing and lots of fun people watching.
Foxy telling one of his stories in song!
We decided to take a trip up over the mountain to White Bay. It looks gorgeous from the sea, but is too shallow due to reefs for us to anchor Trillium there. Dennis and Joan actually walked from Great Harbour to Ivan's on White Bay. This is a real uphill climb! Larry and I took an open air cab to the Sandcastle to reserve a table at the Soggy Dollar Bar. White Bay was by far the BEST beach in the BVI-even with the invasion of the day tour boats with people leaping off with drink in hand. Absolutely beautiful! Good swimming and sunning, not to mention the home of the famous (or infamous) Painkiller drink. It does take care of all things!

Ivan's Stress Free Bar decorated with seashells
                                                                           To get back to the boat, we walked the beach and rocks back to Ivan's to pick up a taxi. Actually, I am glad we did so I could see this unique place called Ivan's Stress Free Bar. While there is not as much activity happening at Ivan's end of the beach, it is worth the visit to see the decor. This little beach bar and shop is decorated with seashells. Really decorated - as in "wallpapered" with them! You can see in the photos.

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