Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It Was The Night Before Christmas ... And later

I was wondering what Santa would bring to the Skipperette. It seems that while outfitting Trillium for the Caribbean passage, we drained Santa's pocket so if there had been nothing under the tree, this Skipperette would not have been disappointed. A gift certificate for a manicure was out of the question since I have no nails left - at least nothing long enough to pretty up! A massage might have been in order as my body is still recovering from bruises and aches and pains.

Resort wear was on my wish list, but I hadn't found any stores in the Detroit area that is carrying them this season. So no where to suggest Santa's Helper to visit. They must think no one here can afford to go to resorts in the winter! Oh well, the spring clothes will be on the racks within a couple of weeks once the after-Christmas sales are over.

I did note that dressing in the islands while living aboard is different than my wardrobe of golf clothes! I need to spiff it up some. There are boat clothes and there are ashore clothes! But there is very little closet space on board!

Now the Captain received some ashore clothes to spiff him up a little. He doesn't like to have me buy him clothing, but I didn't pay attention to that! There are a few items he could use whether he realizes it or not. His favorite cowboy-look doesn't fly in the islands - especially in the evenings. He needed a pair of Crocs, but I could only finding fur-lined or camouflage styles! Not quite island wear! I finally found one pair of navy blue, but they were not quite big enough. At least he got the suggestion of the gift and we can hunt for different ones later.

Santa's Helper was very creative: swim fins and a new double tether for me - AND a pair of hot pick Crocs! I guess great minds think alike or maybe we have just lived together long enough to read each other's minds. Actually he found a Crocs store in Somerset Mall. I never knew it was there. And my daughter hasn't given up on the nails: a gift certificate for a manicure! I treated myself to the much needed massage.

The best Christmas gift of all was watching our nearly 4 year old granddaughter open her gifts. She took her time and enjoyed each one of them. And when she gave her presents to everyone she said she wanted us to be happy. Then she watched intently as we opened her gifts. For this, it was worth coming back to snow country to share these precious moments.

We hope your holiday celebrations were special whether back at home or still on the water! Here is to an exciting 2011! Happy New Year.

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